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Elementary School

Lisa will guide you in your search for an elementary school. She will help you identify key factors to look for when visiting schools. She will recommend schools for your child and your family and give you a personalized plan. Lisa will explain the admission process and help you to create a strategy which will set up your child for success.


Lisa will help you identify preschools that fit your needs and your child’s needs. She has relationships with preschool directors throughout Los Angeles and can help you determine the best place for your child to start his/her school experience.

Middle School &
High School

Middle School and High School admission can be complex. Lisa understands the process from the insider’s point of view. She will help you and your child select schools, guide you to test prep, prepare for interviews and apply. Lisa can simplify the process for you and your family.


Moving to a new location can be stressful.  Lisa can help you save time by narrowing down your choices.  She will help you identify schools that are right for your child and your family.  She'll help you navigate the admission process in Los Angeles.  She cannot guarantee admission, but she can guarantee a less stressful process.

Admissions to all these schools and more....
  • Archer

  • Brentwood

  • Buckley

  • Campbell Hall

  • Carlthorp

  • Center for Early Education

  • Crossroads

  • Curtis

  • Echo Horizon

  • Flintridge

  • Geffen

  • Harvard Westlake

  • Laurence

  • Los Encinos

  • Marlborough

  • Marymount

  • Milken

  • Mirman

  • New Roads

  • Notre Dame

  • Oakwood

  • PS#1

  • Sierra Canyon

  • St. Matthew's 

  • Turning Point

  • Viewpoint

  • Village

  • Wildwood

  • Willows


If you’re looking for an educational consultant to guide you through the private school LA application process , then Lisa Marfisi is the one for you. She’s one of the most informed, professional and prepared people I have ever met: always on time, always quick to follow up on emails, texts, and phone calls, and always reminding you of what needs to be done next. 
Also, Lisa is wonderfully nice and caring, while at the same time, honest about which particular school experience may suit your child best. 
Til the end, she’ll make this unnerving process much less painful. Get the best help you can.

Hire Lisa !

-C and T, Parents of an 8th grader 

Lisa is amazing.  We reached out to her when we decided to relocate from New York City to Los Angeles.  Our son was in third grade at our dream school in NY, but we had no idea which schools were right for us in LA.  Enter Lisa!  We had a long talk about our son and what we love about his current school, and she turned that information into a list of schools that we were really excited about.  This was so important because we had to fit all our tours into one trip so we had to get it right.  Lisa reviewed all our applications and set up our interview schedule on yet another tightly orchestrated trip.  She spoke with us after every visit and helped us process all the information.  In addition to her endless knowledge, she is a kind person, a calming presence and an absolute pleasure to work with.  Lisa was honest with us from the beginning and let us know that fourth grade is a very difficult application year because spaces are only available through attrition.  In the end, our son had a choice of schools to which he was accepted, which is certainly credited to Lisa's guidance and advocacy.  We are so happy we found Lisa, and we highly recommend her to anyone attempting to navigate the independent school process

-Heather and Chris, Parents of a 3rd grader

Quite simply, Lisa was wonderful to work with. 


By Mid-December when our family knew we were relocating to Los Angeles the deadline for applications had passed at most of the schools our son wanted to apply to. Undeterred Lisa obtained application extensions, helped get all of his applications submitted and assisted with our son sitting the ISEE test in less than one month (including the holiday season).


Our son was subsequently accepted at all of the schools he applied to, with Lisa playing an instrumental role in his successful applications. We could not have successfully navigated this process without her.

Lisa is knowledgeable, well-connected, incredibly supportive, empathetic and really understood our family’s needs and sensibilities. She was attentive and responded very quickly to all of our questions and queries, despite being in a different time zone. She helped prep our son for his interviews, so that he felt at ease when he met with various admission directors. Not least, she is a very nice person, and even put us in touch with a wonderful realtor to help us find a home. We can thoroughly recommend Lisa’s services.

-Simon and Jane, Parents of a 9th grader    

We began our school search and application process in order to transfer from San Diego to Los Angeles. This was going to be a difficult process considering that we have 3 kids ages 13, 11, and 9 (going to 9th, 6th, and 4th grades). The process turned out to be more difficult than expected considering all of the moving pieces and the difficulty of going through a very rigorous acceptance process. When we realized that we would not be able to do this on our own - we were extremely lucky to find Lisa and even more lucky that Lisa decided to work with us. 

Our expectations were extremely high because we were not going to settle for anything less than one of the top schools. It was extremely important that all of the kids go to one school. 

Lisa worked with us on all aspects of the application process from school search to the application, testing, interviews, etc. As a result of her very hard work - all three of our kids were accepted to our number one choice school. 

We are blessed to have been able to work with Lisa because if it was not for her - we would have never made it. This is a very difficult process which requires help from a professional. 

Thank you Lisa!!!

-Michael- Parent of 4th, 6th and 9th Graders

As a family relocating from Europe, Lisa’s help and guidance was crucial. The admissions process was new and overwhelming for us but Lisa walked us through the entire process from start to finish with great patience, allowing us not to be discouraged. 


She took time to understand our children’s needs and her strong knowledge and connections allowed us to make the right decisions when making our school selection.


She helped to keep control on the process step by step and made it easy for us to understand what was expected from us.

We appreciated her honestly, her genuine interest and investment in our family and her flexibility to always be on hand to seek advice.


Lisa proved to be extremely valuable and I would not hesitate to recommend her for your educational needs. We are fortunate that our children have been accepted at the same school and can enter together for 2020/2021.


-Parents of Kindergarten and 3rd Grade, Los Angeles

As we relocate from Shanghai to LA with our 6th and 7th graders, we can’t imagine how we’d fare without Lisa’s patient guidance during this daunting application process. It’s the best investment we’ve ever made. Lisa is a great listener. Her warm and friendly manner made our kids comfortable. She was always accessible and professional. Lisa helped us to navigate the application process from beginning to end, including selection of appropriate schools, mock interviews, and arranging all the school visits

within a short time frame... Her experiences and insights were invaluable. With Lisa’s help, both of our kids were admitted to top schools. We’re extremely grateful. We highly recommend Lisa’s service.


- Xiaoling L .& Qing R.

Lisa Marfisi is a woman of extraordinary competence, patience, and care when it comes to school placement.  Lisa’s devotion to her clients and their needs knows no bounds.  As parents, we went from not being thrilled with any of the educational options for our child to enrolling him in our dream school!  Lisa was essential to this success. She listened carefully to our and our child’s needs, tailored our search process accordingly and ultimately helped us find the perfect school. Through this entire process, Lisa calmly, carefully and supportively walked us through every step.  Not to mention, Lisa is an enthusiastic, warm and positive person! I found working with Lisa rewarding and we are so happy about our child’s school! Any family would be lucky to work with Lisa! I cannot recommend Lisa more


-Parent of a Kindergartner - Los Feliz

We moved to the Westside towards the end of the school year and were super late to the application cycle. We were lucky enough to be offered spots in wonderful schools despite this, and it was because of Lisa. Lisa was organized, efficient, and totally supportive throughout the whole process.  She quickly contacted the directors of admissions (she has almost all of them on her cell phone) to see if there is availability and we hit the ground running. Just a few weeks later, our daughter is enrolling in an amazing school. Lisa is honest and offers key insights which we would otherwise not have access to. She is generous with her time and is a genuinely kind person. We loved working with her and will work with her again for the middle school application.

-JW - Parent of a Kindergartner

Just wanted to extend the highest possible praise imaginable for Lisa Marfisi. I cannot express how much her guidance, know-how and support catapulted us through an otherwise daunting fall. The idea of finding a community that “sees” your kids, giving them opportunities and encouraging them as human beings is so exciting. That said, the process is competitive and exhausting. Lisa

literally guided us every single step of the way. She got to know our kids as individuals, encouraging them to be themselves, and as a result, she knew where they could thrive and helped identify and advocate on our behalf for the right schools. It meant the world to have someone so personally interested in our entire family’s happiness. I can’t recommend her more highly!  

-Gabriela and Brian, Parents of 9th graders

We cannot thank you enough for all the advice, counsel and support you showed us throughout the application process.  Prior to embarking on this project, I had never realized as a parent how complicated and difficult the entire ordeal would be.  You showed us guidance and light during a challenging decision making time.  More importantly, you were omnipresent to answer some of the most mundane questions we had and to lean upon your network of admissions directors and decision makers, oftentimes even

after the application periods had closed.  When I say that we never could have accomplished this without you, that is an understatement !  

You will forever be linked to our family as a key person in the education of these young people we are raising.  Rest assured, as they move through their education careers into universities and beyond, we will be calling you ! 

With sincere and profound thanks,

-Christian G

Working with Lisa has been a fantastic experience.  Lisa made at least one part of our relocation from HK to LA a smooth and painless process.  She was warm, responsive and competent, with great advice and follow up.  Thanks to her, we have a wonderful school that both our children can enter together for 2018.  


-Parents of 3rd and 5th Graders

Lisa is the ultimate professional. She has great understanding and insights into the LA private school landscape. She was spot on with the list of schools she recommended which aligned with our family value and educational philosophy.


Lisa was patient and understanding of all our needs. From the very first phone call with her, to meeting our daughter and to discuss the selection of school after receiving acceptance offers, her professionalism never wavered. She answered all of my questions and with her guidance and support, our daughter will be entering into kindergarten at an amazing school which we are so thrilled to be part of. 


I highly recommend Lisa for your child(ren)’s education search needs.


-J & J – Parents of Kindergartner – Los Angeles

I found out that I was moving from Connecticut to Los Angeles and had to quickly find a school for my daughter. I found Lisa’s name in a google search, reached out to her, and she returned my call immediately. Hiring Lisa as an education consultant was the best thing that we did. It is truly priceless. I knew nothing about the schools in LA, and Lisa helped me every step of the way. Moving across the country and finding the school that is best for my daughter could have been a daunting process, but Lisa made it seamless. She is so kind and so caring and she took the stress out of the application process. She counseled me every step of the way and helped me to choose the best school for our family. I had such a wonderful experience working with Lisa. I truly enjoyed our daily chats. If you’re thinking of hiring an education consultant to help with your school search, I I recommend Lisa wholeheartedly. You will be so thankful that you did. 

-Stefanie- Parent of a Kindergartner

Lisa helped us separate myth from reality and eliminated the paranoia that comes with the process. She was able to answer questions big and small -- why did they get a thank you email but not us? what really matters in the interview? -- and kept us  focused. The year prior to meeting Lisa, we were waitlisted from our first choice school, which had a process we perceived to be mysterious. Thanks to Lisa's help, we were able to re-apply to this school and were accepted during an off year. With Lisa's guidance, we were also accepted at another elite school, with very limited spots, which we chose to attend. We enjoyed every step of the process with Lisa and consider her to be family.

-K and J , Parents of an Elementary Student - Los Angeles