Testimonials and School Placement Results

Lisa is awesome.  She helped us navigate the entire process of applying to a private high school for our daughter.  From the selection of which schools to submit applications, the open house process, the drafting of the applications, to the interviews, Lisa was there every step of the way providing her insight and advice.  The entire process can be tedious and stressful, but Lisa is always there with encouraging words and support.  In addition, Lisa’s knowledge of the process is invaluable.  She knows the ins and outs of the top schools in the city and has  connections with the admissions departments at many of these schools.    With Lisa’s help, our daughter is now enrolled at one of her top choices for high school.  Thank you Lisa!

-J and D, Parents of an 8th grader -Los Angeles

Lisa was absolutely instrumental in helping us navigate the private school world in LA. We relocated from the east coast very late into the application process, and had absolutely no idea where to start. Lisa helped us every step of the way, and from start to finish she provided valuable insight and insider knowledge about each school. We literally couldn’t have done this without her!

-N and E, Parents of a Middle School Student - NY

Lisa anticipates your needs, is extremely responsive and adheres to the highest standard of integrity. Within 4 weeks of calling Lisa, our son was attending the school of his (and our) dreams and we will be calling her in a few years’ time in order to help us with the application process for high schools. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the school systems in Los Angeles and we absolutely believe that anybody who is intent on getting the best possible education for their kids should get Lisa on their team. We couldn’t be happier with the service she provided.

-Parents of a Middle School student - Los Angeles

Lisa helped us separate myth from reality and eliminated the paranoia that comes with the process. She was able to answer questions big and small -- why did they get a thank you email but not us? what really matters in the interview? -- and kept us  focused. The year prior to meeting Lisa, we were waitlisted from our first choice school, which had a process we perceived to be mysterious. Thanks to Lisa's help, we were able to re-apply to this school and were accepted during an off year. With Lisa's guidance, we were also accepted at another elite school, with very limited spots, which we chose to attend. We enjoyed every step of the process with Lisa and consider her to be family.

-K and J , Parents of an Elementary Student - Los Angeles

Lisa has been most exceptional, professional and supportive in our process to find a school for our kids. She has done her research, according to our wishes and hopes, and has shown us great schools which we loved. She understood what we were looking for, better than we could say.

She has a lot of knowledge and she makes the process fun and exciting. I would definitely recommend!!!

-N&G, parents of 3 elementary school kids 

Lisa Marfisi is a woman of extraordinary competence, patience, and care when it comes to school placement.  Lisa’s devotion to her clients and their needs knows no bounds.  As parents, we went from not being thrilled with any of the educational options for our child to enrolling him in our dream school!  Lisa was essential to this success. She listened carefully to our and our child’s needs, tailored our search process accordingly and ultimately helped us find the perfect school. Through this entire process, Lisa calmly, carefully and supportively walked us through every step.  Not to mention, Lisa is an enthusiastic, warm and positive person! I found working with Lisa rewarding and we are so happy about our child’s school! Any family would be lucky to work with Lisa! I cannot recommend Lisa more

-Parent of a Kindergarten student   -   Los Feliz

We have been living abroad and will be returning to Los Angeles.  Our daughter is in middle school and we have decided to look into  Private schools . This is a very challenging process in Los Angeles. Without Lisa's guidance, this would have been impossible!

Lisa met with us during a visit and put us on track. She made sure the process would be smooth . And truthfully , it was enjoyable . 

Our daughter went into her interviews with confidence . This in itself was a gift. Lisa loves her work and our daughter felt this .                     And therefore, great results! 

Thank you Lisa!!

-Parent relocating to LA from Israel

After my family was relocated to the LA area from Northern California, we didn't know where to start with finding schools for my elementary and middle school aged kids. We were introduced to Lisa and she worked with us throughout the process. She helped us select schools, guided us through the application process, arranged visits with schools, and also helped prepare our kids for school interviews. Her help and knowledge were invaluable, and I would highly recommend her services.

-Parent of a 4th grader and 6th grader relocating to LA from Northern CA

I thought I could navigate the middle school selection process myself, but once I started touring schools, I called on Lisa for help.  Not only did she listen carefully to what was important for our family, but she suggested options that I hadn't known to consider.   Of course, I called her again when interviews came around.  My son had no experience with interviewing but after an hour with Lisa, he went from rookie to pro.  Most important, practicing with Lisa gave him tremendous confidence walking into those rooms. Because he felt ready for any questions that might come his way, he could relax, be himself, and let his personality shine through.  I'm so glad we had Lisa's help in this sometimes overwhelming process!  Her experience, wisdom, and knowledge were crucial but her encouragement and enthusiasm were priceless.


-Parent of a 5th grader– Los Angeles


Dear Lisa,

I had my interview today. It went great according to my parents. You helped me prepare for this moment so much, and you really helped me do an awesome job. Before the interview, I went over some of the things you told me to do, like have a question in mind and being able to just talk normally and be cool and have a normal conversation. Your advice helped me do this interview and I just wanted to say thanks. :) just practicing the questions helped me go from from a 2 all the way to a 10! Thanks a million. :)


- Student Applicant, Los Angeles


I highly recommend working with Lisa Marfisi if your child is applying to private school. After attending public school from K-8, we decided to make the switch to a private high school for my son. We weren’t familiar with the admissions process, and Lisa provided us with invaluable information so he would a viewed as a strong candidate at very competitive schools.


- 8th grade parent  -  Manhattan Beach


Lisa did an outstanding job of evaluating my son and helping us find a school to perfectly fit his needs.  She is a former private school admissions director with outstanding contacts across the Los Angeles private school landscape.  She was able to find two programs that still had openings for the 5th grade even though it was already summer.  I didn't even consider the possibility of finding a private school placement at that late date.


Lisa worked her magic with the appropriate people at both private schools and my son was able to quickly complete applications, get teacher references and complete the schools assessment tests all with Lisa's guidance.  He ended up being accepted to both programs during the summer before 5th grade which was amazing.  He is now attending one of the schools and doing fantastic, I am very appreciative of Lisa's help and will definitely be coming back when it's time to apply for middle school.


- Parent -  Santa Monica

School Acceptances
  • Archer

  • Brentwood

  • Buckley

  • Campbell Hall 

  • Carlthorp

  • Chadwick 

  • Chaminade

  • Crossroads

  • Curtis

  • deToledo

  • Echo Horizon

  • Flintridge

  • Geffen Academy

  • Harvard Westlake

  • Laurence

  • Los Encinos

  • Marlborough

  • Marymount

  • Milken

  • Mirman

  • New Roads

  • Notre Dame

  • Oakwood

  • Pilgrim

  • Providence

  • PS #1

  • St. Martin of Tours

  • St. Matthew's

  • St. Monica

  • Seven Arrows

  • Sierra Canyon

  • Temple Israel of Hollywood

  • Turning Point

  • Viewpoint

  • Village

  • Waverly

  • Westland

  • Westmark

  • Westridge

  • Westside Neighborhood

  • Wildwood

  • Willows

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