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Testimonials and School
Placement Results

Finding the right private school in Los Angeles can be an overwhelming task, given the intense competition and numerous options available. As newcomers to the schooling system in Los Angeles, my husband and I were clueless about where to begin our search. Realizing the importance of expert guidance, we decided to enlist the services of an educational consultant. After conducting extensive research, I came across Lisa, and I can confidently say that if you have the opportunity to work with her, your search ends here.

Lisa surpassed our expectations by going above and beyond to assist our family in finding the best educational fit for our daughter. She patiently listened to our concerns, answered all our questions, and genuinely cared about our needs and preferences. Lisa made herself readily available whenever we required assistance and took the time to educate us on all aspects of the school selection process. Thanks to her guidance, we were not only accepted into our top-choice school but also had several other favorable options.

Lisa's exceptional qualities extend beyond her professional expertise. She is warm, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable. Throughout our interactions, she established a personal connection that made us feel like she was a part of our family. I genuinely miss our regular conversations with her.

In conclusion, I am immensely grateful to Lisa for her invaluable contributions to my daughter's education and our family's well-being. Her unwavering support and dedication have left a lasting impact, and I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone seeking assistance with finding the perfect school for their child. Thank you, Lisa, for everything you have done.

S and K, parents of a Kindergartner

Lisa is friendly, organized, professional and knowledgeable in the Los Angeles private school arena. She offers a couple different services, and after first working with her to come up with a list of appropriate schools to apply to, we could tell that her inside knowledge of the application process would be invaluable as we navigated an expedited application process into a non-traditional entry point grade for our daughter. Once we signed on for her full-service program, she was available for any and all questions, and really guided us through every step of the process. Her experience and insight definitely helped us to create strong applications, and we got into both schools that we applied to.

S and E, parents of a 2nd grader

I have absolutely zero hesitation in recommending Lisa Marfisi to anyone looking for a first-class Education Consultant.  This lady knows her stuff and brings professionalism, insight, wisdom and oodles of encouragement throughout the journey. 


With the UK system being so different to that in the US, we needed help understanding the curriculum and admission process and Lisa looked after us every step of the way.  Lisa was quick to reply to emails and made herself available at the last minute for many a zoom call whilst juggling the 8-hour time difference us. 


After an initial exploratory chat, Lisa presented us with 5 schools that were a superb fit for my daughter - all within the area we wanted to live and offering a varied curriculum in the subjects my daughter was interested in.  Bizarrely, none of these schools had come up on my online search and we wouldn’t have known they’d even existed had Lisa not presented them to us.  


Lisa steered us through our application essays so that we stood out from the crowd; advised on what events to attend, prepared my daughter for interviews, set up physical meetings for us to see campuses and sent reminders and pointers to keep us focused. 


We were accepted at 3 out of the 5 schools we applied to (including our dream school) which was quite an achievement considering we were applying at an unnatural entry point and to highly selective schools. Lisa was truly a wonderful find for our family and I genuinely don’t know what we would have done without her.

AS, mom of a 10th grader

Lisa is simply a patient, delightful, kind, funny, caring, gorgeous human being, and it all starts there.  She has an intricate knowledge of the process, all its many nuances and how to navigate them with precision and patience. And not through general guidance or pointers, but a specific, custom plan for us with tangible answers to every question asked.  She is a marvel and we are supremely grateful to have worked with her.  We had confidence throughout because of her, we found the perfect fit for us and our child and we made a friend.  Ultimately this boils down to us wanting to get in to our first choice school and thanks to Lisa, we did. She knows everyone at every school and is very hands on with us and them throughout. Much much praise and gratitude.

S and G,  parents of a Kindergartner

We called Lisa for help when we started the middle school process.  She provided thoughtful guidance and support and helped our son with his interviewing and writing confidence.  She is also very kind, enthusiastic and warm, which allowed our family to feel comfortable navigating through the application process.  She also provided insider knowledge for each school we were looking at and walked us through each step.  Our son was admitted to his first choice school and we couldn’t be happier!


J and J, parents of a 6th grader

Lisa is truly amazing! We needed to find a school for our daughter on very short notice due to a move for work from NYC to LA. We were way passed deadline for applications, but Lisa guided us through a process that normally takes 6 month in just a couple of weeks. Not only were we able to get exceptions to apply late, we were also able to visit the schools in person, and the ability to speak to parents at the different schools. Lisa guided us through the process in a very encouraging way. In the end we were fortunate enough to have choices, and even at that point Lisa was a great help guiding us to the best choice for our daughter. We couldn’t have done it without Lisa!

A and J, Parents to a 4th grader

We are so grateful to have Lisa work with us on our son’s middle school application. Lisa is very experienced and knowledgeable, always provides us great advice and answers our questions patiently, and sometimes even serve as our psychologist to relieve our stress from the school application process :) We are so happy with the result and would highly recommend her outstanding service.

YK and YC, parents of a 6th grader

School Acceptances
  • Archer

  • Berkeley Hall

  • Brentwood

  • Buckley

  • Campbell Hall 

  • Carlthorp

  • CEE

  • Chadwick 

  • Chaminade

  • Clairbourn

  • Crossroads

  • Curtis

  • deToledo

  • Echo Horizon

  • ESLA

  • Flintridge

  • Geffen Academy

  • Harvard Westlake

  • Laurence

  • Los Encinos

  • Marlborough

  • Marymount

  • Mayfield Junior

  • Milken

  • Mirman

  • New Roads

  • Notre Dame

  • Oaks Christian

  • Oakwood

  • Pilgrim

  • Providence

  • PS #1

  • Qualia

  • St. Martin of Tours

  • St. Matthew's

  • St. Monica

  • St. Patrick's

  • Seven Arrows

  • Sierra Canyon

  • Temple Israel of Hollywood

  • Turning Point

  • Viewpoint

  • Village

  • Waverly

  • Westland

  • Westmark

  • Westridge

  • Westside Neighborhood

  • Wildwood

  • Willows

  • Windward

Working with Lisa has absolutely ruined me. She was so wonderful, that working with anyone else is now painful. She is not just informative, and helpful, but so genuinely kindhearted and caring. We were saddened when our work with her was over! We had the privilege of working with her on two separate occasions. She helped us get into a wonderful middle school right in the middle of the school year, and then again, she helped us get into our top choice high school, along with every other school we applied for.


We couldn’t have done it without her guidance and direction. She helped us every step of the way with a gentle, encouraging, and uplifting spirit. She made herself available to us 24/7, and was very flexible, and quick to respond to any questions we had. She has excellent communication, followed up with us on everything, and was sure to be attentive, making it so we were always organized and on top of everything. She went above and beyond to find extra events, help look over essays and give advice, or just for an inspirational pep talk. She had helpful inside relationships with the schools, and personal insight. If you asked her a question, she held your hand through every step. Where some others may just send you a generalized link for you to seek out the information you’re looking for, and let you figure somethings out on your own, Lisa gives you a direct contact or sites the specific information you need and cuts out all the work of trying to figure out anything on your own.


Our Daughter loved working with her so much and developed such a good relationship with her, that she still enjoys checking in with her from time to time. So, you’ve been warned: Lisa is a tough act to follow, and once you’ve worked with the best where do you go from there?!

M Family

We are 100% happy with our application process and result if not more. We appreciate the deep knowledge Lisa has about LA schools, her great connections within the school systems, and most importantly, her understanding of kids and families. She is such an advocate who deeply cares and want to help wherever she could. She is super responsive during communications, attentive when you share your thoughts, and was above and beyond to have all your questions and concerns addressed. With Lisa’s recommendation and inquiry, admissions connected us to current families from each of the school we applied and we really learned a lot about the school from current family talking about their experience. Also Lisa offered us great advices (and calmness) when we were facing adversity from teacher recommendation forms. We really grew as a family during the process under Lisa’s gentle guidance. This journey is invaluable to our family and if you are looking and find Lisa, look no further! 

R and J, parents of a preschooler

As a family with three young children relocating to LA (from London) we retained Lisa to help us navigate the school admission process - and we are very happy to recommend her! Lisa was very thoughtful and took the time to get to know our family, and helped us put together a shortlist of schools for us to talk with. Whilst we were actually applying late and pushed for time, Lisa ensured that we were able to spend a decent amount of time getting to know those schools, and helped us through the whole application process. In the end we had multiple offers for schools, all of which were great options. We couldn’t be more happier about how the process and end result ended up, and having now gone through the process, feel that we couldn’t have done it without Lisa’s help. Thank you!

C and D, parents of a preschooler and 1st grader

As a relocating family during the pandemic we had so many uncertainties and anxieties about applying to kindergarten for our daughter.  We are forever grateful for the invaluable guidance Lisa gave us. Lisa was able to lead us in the right direction in every way from helping us narrow down schools that were a right fit for our daughter to navigating the application process. Her expertise about each school made a world of a difference when it came to preparing for interviews and assessments. She helped coordinate our very busy schedules remotely and organized in person visits during a time that this was extremely difficult. Lisa made what seemed impossible a breeze, answering every little and big doubt in the most caring manner. She was always very easy to get a hold of which meant so much to us being in different time zones. Hiring Lisa was without a doubt the best decision we made when beginning the application process. Applying to private school in Los Angeles is a very stressful process which became enjoyable with Lisa’s care and support. 


A and R, parents of a Kindergartener

Lisa is awesome.  She helped us navigate the entire process of applying to a private high school for our daughter.  From the selection of which schools to submit applications, the open house process, the drafting of the applications, to the interviews, Lisa was there every step of the way providing her insight and advice.  The entire process can be tedious and stressful, but Lisa is always there with encouraging words and support.  In addition, Lisa’s knowledge of the process is invaluable.  She knows the ins and outs of the top schools in the city and has connections with the admissions departments at many of these schools.    With Lisa’s help, our daughter is now enrolled at one of her top choices for high school.  Thank you Lisa!

J and D, Parents of an 8th grader

Lisa is a true professional with passion and we are so grateful for all of her invaluable guidance and hard work through this exhausting process.

From the start, She REALLY took the time to get to know our family and most importantly spend time getting to know our son. Lisa did her own assessment, understood our son's needs and our desires, and helped us find the schools that are best fit for us. She was always accessible and promptly answered every question despite the time difference (We're located in Tokyo) and helped allay our fears and keep us focused. She brought years of knowledge and experience to the table, guided us with confidence, and she was always a strong advocate for our family. Last but not least, she is such a caring and encouraging person to work with! Her warm personality made this overwhelming process a whole lot less stressful. Working with her was the best decision we ever made through this process and we cannot recommend her highly enough! 


M and K Parents of a PK student 

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