Whether you are looking for a Preschool, Elementary School, Middle School or High School, Lisa can help. Lisa knows Preschools and Preschool Directors, she knows Elementary, Middle and High schools and how they vary.   She has decades of experience and can guide you through the admissions process.


Lisa helps you to assess your child’s strengths, identify your school options, and actively engage in the admissions process to get desired results.

Lisa has been a professional in education in Los Angeles since 1991. She was the Director of Admissions K-12 at Wildwood School and PK-6 at Echo Horizon School. She also worked at the Archer School for Girls, PS #1, and Westside Neighborhood School. Lisa’s experience has given her an understanding of what schools are looking for and enables her to help parents navigate the admissions process from an insider’s point of view. Lisa has been helping families with the admission process as a Director of Admission for 15 years. Her son is a graduate of UC Berkeley and her daughter graduated from UC Santa Barbara and is in grad school at Georgia Tech. Lisa has experience as a parent at independent, public, charter and parochial schools.

Education: BA - University of Pennsylvania