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  • How do I work with Lisa Marfisi?
    Families that are the most successful are the families that start working with Lisa from the very beginning. The first meeting involves learning about the student/family, discussing the steps of the application process and reviewing which factors are important to consider when selecting schools. After that meeting Lisa will provide a list of schools to consider. Then the fun begins…school visits, application writing, and interview preparation. Lisa will work with you all the way until decisions are announced…and she can help you with decision making too!
  • How old should my child be to apply for Kindergarten?
    Each school has a different cut off for when your child needs to be 5. Many schools use 5 by September 1 as the cut off date. Be sure to check each school site to make sure your child meets the age requirement.
  • When will I find out the school decisions?
    The schools share their decisions in March. Many of the schools share on the same day and time. This year it is March 10 at 5 pm.
  • Is testing required?
    Some schools require a standardized test for admission (ISEE or HSPT) at the secondary level. Many schools do not accept test scores or have a test optional policy. Sometimes schools give their own assessments instead of using standardized tests.
  • What does an admissions consultant do?
    An admissions consultant (educational consultant) helps families identify which schools are the best fit for their children. A consultant guides the family through the application process by providing information about the schools, reminding families of appointments/deadlines, reviewing applications, doing mock interviews, helping with each step of the application process and relieving stress along the way. Admissions consultants have information about schools that is not readily available online such as the culture of each school.
  • How many schools should I apply to?
    It depends on the grade you are applying to and which schools. Some schools have more siblings than others, some schools have more spaces. The average amount is 4-5 schools.
  • How do I get started?
    It is easy to start! Submit this form, and Lisa will contact you! She’ll answer all your questions and explain the next steps.
  • Can I apply on my own?
    Yes, you can, but you will not have the many advantages of working with an experienced professional who can guide you to schools that are right for your child. You might waste a lot of time looking at/applying to schools that are not the best match. Lisa will get to know your child and your family and will suggest schools where your child will thrive; Lisa will be able to streamline the process for you, explain what is most important, give you guidance on what to include in your applications, problem solve when issues come up, and advocate for you at your top choice school. Lisa will not only make you the strongest applicant possible, she will make the entire process more enjoyable and less stressful. It is helpful to have someone to call/email/text any time you have questions. It greatly reduces anxiety associated with the admission process.
  • Why should I work with Lisa Marfisi?
    Lisa is a former teacher, so she understands how children learn. Lisa is a former admission director, so she knows the admission process from an insider’s point of view. Lisa is a parent, so she knows EXACTLY how you feel. Lisa provides PERSONALIZED service. She takes time to listen to who you are and she matches you to schools where your child will thrive. She can reduce your stress and streamline the process by suggesting schools that are the RIGHT fit for your child and your family. Lisa will be by your side for the entire process. You can ask her questions about ANYTHING along the way. Lisa’s families are consistently accepted to their first choice schools because they are applying to schools that are perfectly matched for them.
  • What are the entry level grades?
    Most schools have entry points at K, 6, 7, and 9. Some schools also have DK or preschool programs. Openings for other grades become available through attrition.
  • Do you help families who are relocating to Los Angeles?
    YES! Lisa helps families that are moving to LA from other countries, other states, or even a neighboring town. Sometimes a move is sudden and you need to find a school quickly. Lisa can help you at any time of the year. She will find out which schools have availability and she can help you with the admission process regardless of the timing.
  • Do I have to reapply every year once my child is accepted?
    Once your child is enrolled in a school, s/he will stay there until graduation. You do not need to apply to each division as s/he progresses through the school.
  • When are applications due?
    Application deadlines vary. Applications are due anytime between September and January. Check each school website for specific deadlines.
  • When should I start the application process?
    It is good to start the process 12-18 months before you intend to enroll. That way you have plenty of time to do research and complete all the steps in the admission process.
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