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How to Write A First Choice Admission Letter to Schools in LA

As you approach the last part of the application process, you have a lot more knowledge than you did when you began. You have attended many events, participated in zoom meetings, met teachers, administrators and parents at several schools. You’ve seen the campuses and talked to current students. At this point, it might be very clear to you that ONE school stands out above the others and it is the ONE that is best for your child and your family. In this case, you should consider sending the school a letter to declare that the school is your first choice.

BUT ONLY if you are 100% sure.

If you are NOT certain that one school is your favorite, you should NOT send a first choice letter.

You can wait to see what options you have when decisions are announced in March. Sometimes this is a better strategy. Perhaps you love two schools OR the school that you really like does not have many spots. There are many reasons for not declaring a first choice. You do not have to do this if you are not certain.

What is a first choice letter? Why are these important? Do you need to send one?

Here are some things you need to know about first choice letters and why it can be beneficial to tell a school that they are number one.

1. Schools care about their yield. If they know that you will definitely accept their offer, it can help push you higher on the acceptance list. (Of course if you are not going to get an offer of admission, it won’t help at all….)

2. If you want to make sure the school knows the level of your interest, it is good to tell them that you will 100% with certainty accept the offer and enroll.

3. You should ONLY tell ONE school that it is your first choice school. You CANNOT have more than one first choice.

4. This is a solid commitment. After you select a first choice, you need to follow through and accept the offer of admission and enroll. Schools take these declarations seriously.

If you decide to write a first choice letter to schools in LA, these are some things to include:

1. Use the words FIRST CHOICE – this is very important. This is not the time to talk around the subject. If the school is your NUMBER ONE CHOICE, you should tell them!

2. You should share all the reasons that the school is a perfect fit for your child and your family. BE specific. Give examples of experiences you had during the application process. Share things you like about the school.

3. Share WHY the school is such a great match for your child and your family.

4. Be sure to tell the school that you will certainly enroll if you are offered a spot for your child.

Timing is very important – be sure to send your letter at the right period of the admission process. Don’t send it too early in the Fall, because you won’t have enough information yet, but don’t wait until the week decisions are being sent because you want to have this information in your file weeks before that time.

You want to be sure the school is aware of your choice before they start admission committee meetings. The committees will meet beginning in mid February, so you want to be sure to send your letter by the beginning of February.

Email or Snail Mail?

Either one! As long as your declaration of love for the school is in writing, they will be able to add it to your file. A verbal first choice is not sufficient. This is something that needs to be written and in a file.

After you declare your first choice, the wait begins….this is the most challenging part of the application process. You've been busy up to this point, and that made time go quickly. Now all you can do is wait until the decision day in March.

Hopefully, you will get an offer from the school of your dreams!

Lisa Marfisi is the perfect person to guide you through writing your first choice letter for your favorite school in LA. Get in Touch.


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