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Navigating the Private School Process When Relocating to Los Angeles

Finding the right private school for your children and navigating the admission process when relocating to a Los Angeles can be a daunting task. With so many great schools, it’s hard to know where to start. The private school application process in Los Angeles can be overwhelming, especially when you are trying to apply at an unusual time or to a non-entry point. Thankfully, there is help available! A school placement consultant, like Lisa Marfisi can help you determine schools that have space and are a good match for your child's needs and interests. Here’s what you need to know about navigating the private school process when relocating to Los Angeles.

Private School Process When Relocating to Los Angeles

The Application Process: Every private school has its own set of requirements for admission.

When relocating to Los Angeles, if you are applying outside of regular admissions windows or to a non-entry point (that is, a grade other than K, 6, 7, or 9), you should contact Lisa directly in order to discuss available options. Lisa knows which schools could be good options for you and she can help you navigate the application process. She can help you with submitting applications, preparing for interviews, making sure you get the right recommendations and staying on top of the admission process. Many schools prefer that prospective families attend an open house or tour before submitting an application in order to get a better feel for the campus environment and culture; Lisa can help arrange tours for you at private schools in LA. If this isn't possible due to timing constraints, she can arrange virtual tours instead.

Research and Fit: It is important to research each school thoroughly before starting the application process in LA.

Make sure that the philosophy, curriculum, class sizes, faculty qualifications, and student diversity and extracurricular activities align with your family values and goals. In LA, location is a huge factor. Lisa can help you to determine which private schools will be geographically desirable.

A professional school placement consultant like Lisa can help guide you through the private school admission process when relocating to Los Angeles.

Professional School Placement When Relocating to LA

She will take into account all of your family's needs and preferences in order to recommend schools that best meet those criteria; she will also provide valuable insight into which schools are more likely than others to accept late applications or transfers from non-entry points due to her existing relationships with these institutions. In addition, she can help organize school visits during the dates you will be in Los Angeles.

Private School Relocation in Los Angeles

The private school application process when relocating to Los Angeles can be daunting - especially when attempting it at an unusual time or transferring into a non-entry point program - but it doesn't have to be overwhelming! With careful research about individual schools' philosophies and requirements coupled with assistance from knowledgeable school placement specialist, Lisa Marfisi, relocating families can find the perfect educational home for their children without any added stress or confusion. With Lisa’s help, parents can rest assured knowing that their child will receive an excellent education in a safe environment tailored just for them!

Contact Lisa Marfisi today to learn how she can help you find the perfect school for your child!


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