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Patience is the Key: Waiting for Admission Decisions from Private Schools in LA

Waiating for admission decisions!

The anticipation of admission decisions from private schools in Los Angeles can be a nail-biting experience for parents and their children alike. As the clock ticks closer to March 8th at 5 pm, families find themselves on the edge of their seats, wondering about the future educational path of their loved ones. In this post, we will explore the three possible outcomes - acceptance, denial, or the waitpool - and discuss proactive steps parents can take while waiting for that much-anticipated decision.

Understanding the Three Possible Outcomes:

Empty school desk

As the admission decision day looms, it's essential for parents to recognize that there are three possible outcomes. First, the exhilarating news of acceptance, which brings relief and excitement. If a student is accepted, that means that the school believes they can meet the needs of that student and they have a space. Second, the disappointment of denial, which can be a tough pill to swallow. If your child is not accepted, it could be for a number of reasons.  The first is space.  There may simply not be room for your child in the grade you applied to.  It could also be that the school does not think they can meet the needs of your child. Finally, there's the middle ground of the waitpool, where the school expresses interest but is yet to determine final placement based on available spots. In this situation, your child is qualified to be at the school and your family is a fit, but the school does not have a spot at the moment. 

What to Do While Waiting:

Reseaarch private schools.

1.    Additional ResearchUtilize this waiting period as an opportunity to delve deeper into the schools you have applied to. Review their academic programs, extracurricular offerings, and the overall school culture. Consider what resonates most with your child's needs, interests, and your family values. Drive to the school at the start of the school day or at dismissal time to see how long it takes.  You probably visited during the middle of the day or on weekends during the admission process when traffic was lighter.  Talk to parents you know who have students who currently attend the school to see what the experience is like for them.  This thoughtful reflection can aid in making an informed decision should you get an acceptance.

2.    Reflect on Your Child's Needs: Take a moment to reflect on your child's learning style, interests, and any specific needs they may have. Consider how each school aligns with these factors and contributes to their overall growth and development. Evaluating the schools through this lens can provide valuable insights into which institution is the best fit for your child.

resist the urge to contact schools by phone.

3.    Resist the Urge to Contact Schools: The waiting period can evoke a strong desire to reach out to the schools for updates or additional information. However, it's crucial to resist this temptation. Admissions offices are diligently working to finalize decisions, and contacting them prematurely may disrupt their process. Trust the timeline they have provided and await the official announcements on March 8th.

The Importance of Patience:

A person waiting patiently.

While waiting for admission decisions, patience becomes a virtue. It's natural to feel a sense of urgency, but keep in mind that the schools have a structured process in place. Attempting to expedite the outcome may not yield the desired results and could potentially add unnecessary stress to an already emotional time.  When in doubt, take a deep breath, take a walk, eat chocolate,

do whatever you can to help yourself relax, but do not contact the schools!

Mark Your Calendar: March 8th at 5 pm:

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Set a reminder for March 8th at 5 pm, as this is when many of the private schools in Los Angeles will announce their admission decisions. Gather your family together to open the emails or portals so you can all share in the excitement or navigate any challenges that may arise. Remember, this is a collective journey, and support from loved ones can make the experience more manageable.

Waiting for admission decisions can be an emotionally charged period, but by approaching it with patience, proactive research, and thoughtful reflection, parents can navigate this time with resilience and grace. The outcome, whatever it may be, is a stepping stone towards the educational journey that lies ahead for your child. Best of luck to all families awaiting these important decisions! For more information about Admission Decisions, contact Lisa Marfisi.


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