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Top 5 Reasons to Apply to Private School in Los Angeles

There are many reasons to consider a private school in Los Angeles for your child.

Public schools could provide a good education (depending on where you live), but in general, private schools are superior in these 5 areas.

1. Private School teachers get to know your child and provide a personalized learning experience.

Top 5 Reasons to Apply to Private School in Los Angeles

A private school teacher can help your child discover his/her passions. If your child needs to be challenged in a certain subject and/or if your child needs remedial help in a different area, the teachers in private schools are able to meet them where they are and provide exactly what they need.

2. The focus of learning at private schools is on skills rather than being test based.

Private schools help students become excellent problem solvers, terrific critical thinkers, and wonderful collaborators. Students are taught to think rather than memorize information. Private Schools follow a curriculum, but are not bound to state requirements. Some private schools offer religion as well.

3. Academics are of course the most important factor when selecting a school. Since private schools generally have more resources, they can provide a wider array of academics than public schools can.

Apply to Private School in Los Angeles

Private schools select qualified teachers who are trained to deliver the curriculum in the style of that particular school. Private schools will also have excellent STEM programs, arts, athletics and foreign languages options.

4. Class size is important.

In private schools, classes are generally smaller than at public schools. Students cannot fall between the cracks because there is nowhere to hide. The teachers know exactly how each student is progressing. Students learn to advocate for themselves. Students in private school are comfortable asking for help when they need it. They understand that it is important to communicate with the teacher as well as their peers.

5. Private School curriculum focuses on the WHOLE child.

Top 5 Reasons to Apply to Private School

Private schools address not only academic growth, but also social and emotional growth. Private schools have specific programs to teach students emotional intelligence. Teachers focus on social skills, and teach collaboration.

Bonus – SAFETY – Private Schools are serious about safety. They often have security guards and only one entrance so that everyone is seen as they enter or exit. It is often necessary to register with the front office when you visit a private school. You might need to show ID. Schools are cautious and thoughtful about keeping their students safe.

When you are thinking about your child’s education and whether you want to send him/her to private school, the most important thing to focus on is developing a lifelong love of learning. Keep all these points in mind while you are doing your research and your child will land exactly where he/she can meet his/her potential as a student and more importantly a person!

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