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Why "FIT" is Important in The Private School Search Process

When you start to look at schools in Los Angeles, everyone talks about “FIT”. “FIT” is very important! You need to find the right “FIT”! Make sure the school is a good “FIT” for your child!

What is “FIT” and why is it such a big deal? Think about your favorite shirt. It just feels right.

It has all the qualities you love from the color to the style to the feel of the fabric. If someone else tried on your shirt, they might not like it, but in your opinion it is perfect!

Schools are like shirts! Everyone has a different idea of the perfect one. It is important to “try on” a lot of schools so that you can figure out which one is the right “FIT” for your child and your family.

How do you define "FIT" when it comes to private school?

“FIT” involves many factors. Educational Philosophy, Curriculum, Size, Location, Diversity, Like minded parents and more. In order to figure out which school fits your child best, you need to define what you want. Think about your child and how s/he learns, think about how rigorous you think the curriculum should be. Think about what specific things the school should have to meet your child’s interests – ex: Arts, Athletics, STEM, Languages.

How to match your child's needs to a perfect school?

Look at each school to see which one has the kind of environment you are looking for,

the style of teaching that works for your child, and the campus that you feel comfortable on. There are traditional schools, progressive schools and hybrid schools that combine the best attributes of both styles. Try to determine where your child will thrive.

Make sure you are being honest and that you are choosing a school for your child and not yourself! Listen to your gut feelings. If a school feels right, you will know it. If it is not a good “FIT”- even if your friends love it, you need to pay attention to your intuition.

Children thrive when they are in an environment that works for them. There are many types of children and just as many types of schools. Try on different styles to see what is the most comfortable to you and your child. In the end you will find a school that works best for you and your family! You can start with this free Private School Admission Guide.


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