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You missed the LA private school application deadline….now what?

The only certainty is that you can’t get in if you don’t apply!

When you are applying to private schools in Los Angeles, it is very important to pay attention to deadlines.

The application process has deadlines for the application, teacher recommendations, transcripts and assessments. Ideally you will submit everything BEFORE the deadline to show your level of interest. But sometimes that is not possible.

If for some reason you miss a deadline for private school admission in LA, there are things you can do.

It depends WHY you missed the deadline. If you just found out you will be moving and you didn’t know before the deadline, that is very understandable. If you had a family emergency or something happened that was out of your control, you can explain it to the school. In most cases, the schools will be flexible. However, there are some schools that receive so many applications that they never take late apps regardless of the situation.

The FIRST thing to do is to contact the school. It is better to call rather than send an email so that you can explain the situation. Ask for the Director of Admission. The Director is the person who will make the decision about accepting a late application. If the school will accept a late application/paperwork, be sure to find out exactly how you should proceed and how long you have to get everything in. Alternatively, you can contact Lisa Marfisi, school placement expert, who can reduce your stress and streamline the late application process for you.

Next Steps for Late Applicants

Move AS QUICKLY as possible to provide whatever documents the school needs – submit your application and ask your current school for recommendations and transcripts. But remember not to replace quality with speed. Be sure to do the best job you can on your application.

You should know that even if they will accept late documents, they will probably still process things in the order they arrive, so you might not get an interview appointment right away, but you can still hope for the best!

If you really want a particular school, you might want to consider waiting and applying for the following school year ON TIME!

It is not certain that you can’t apply if you miss a deadline, but you will need to go full speed ahead to show the school that you are serious once you begin the process.

Applying to a private school can be a daunting process. There are many steps and many ways to make mistakes. I have outlined the basic steps in this Private School Admission Guide.

Good luck!


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